Institution: Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Hillary clinton poster


A poster in favor of Hillary Clinton for 2016 Presidential Election. The focus here was on her campaign in support of Planned Parenthood, so in turn, it is additionally a Pro-Choice statement.

Instructor: Abby Guido


Pan’s Labyrinth poster


This poster was for Guillermo del Toro’s movie “Pan’s Labyrinth.” During his childhood, he was heavily challenged with his family’s aggressively religious upbringing and so he had a strongly negative view towards Catholicism. Throughout most of his movies there is a common theme of people being the real monsters, as opposed to the creatures that appear to be monsters on the outside. So to combine those two ideas, I painted Pan in the iconography of a saint, in a traditional medium, gouache.

Instructor: Caleb Heisey


Decorative wall poster


A decorative wall poster that illustrates a variety of household trinkets.

Instructor: Sean McCabe